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Picture of Susie Marchbanks

Susie Marchbanks

Owner//CEO//Certified Planner//Ceremony Officiant//+

Susie is a multi-talented professional with a wealth of experience as a ballroom dance instructor and a successful career in real estate, and that doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface on her knowledge as a Certified Diamontologist. Today, she’s a certified Wedding Planner! Orchestrating her daughter’s unforgettable wedding ignited her passion for this craft, and recognizing the power of collaboration, she established “My Warm Reception,” an Event Collective representing Knoxville, dedicated to creating exceptional events tailored to each individual’s essence and desires with care. Susie’s unique blend of expertise and creativity ensures that your event is a personalized masterpiece. 

Picture of Emilio Orengo

Emilio Orengo

Owner//COO//IT Director//Vendor & Client Support//+

Emilio serves as the guiding force behind My Warm Reception, harnessing his extensive experience and versatile skills to steer the company towards success. Notably adept in event and business management, Emilio’s talents extend into the world of music, where he excels as a producer, artist, and DJ. His unique fusion of technical acumen and an innate ability to connect with people enables him to craft unforgettable experiences. Under his thoughtful guidance, My Warm Reception & the Knoxville Event Collective thrives as a beacon of exceptional event planning, executed with precision and a genuine understanding of clients’ needs. 

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